jeudi 22 mai 2014

Market research companies in China

Any project whether it is a creation or a resumption of company has to be the object of a market research in China. This study is indeed essential and allows to answer the question " is my project worth being born in China? ". However, this analysis is often long and difficult to realize! A work of market research in China, collection of information and data must be made! Yet, many entrepreneurs do not know how to take themselves there, do not have no know-how or the time to realize her(it)! That's why more and more project leaders decide "to subcontract" the market study. They decide to make their study do. They have 2 possibilities, to resort(turn) to a specialized cabinet(office) of study or to a junior-company.

To realize their market study, certain entrepreneurs decide to make her(it) do by a cabinet(office) of study specialized in this domain or by a begun(undertaken) junior (I). These 2 methods are more expensive than if we made the study we even, but the work is of quality because realized by experts or expert apprentices!
Before passing by a market research company in China, it is necessary to have a project defined well with clear and precise objectives.

If you decide to resort to a market research company in China, you will have to draft a document collectively called "briefing" in the jargon of company, which resumes your objectives and your ideas and to put back it to the Chinese market research company so that the person who is going to take care of the study knows why how to realize you a study (know needs, target a clientele, customer expectations, potential of a market) and the purpose of this one (the contents: precise data, the analysis of the competition, the consumer profile).

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