mardi 22 juillet 2014

Example of naming in China

Example of naming in China

Naming can be a difficult task

naming in China

What do your brand names really mean in Chinese? What do your brands want to express? According to the consultants of Sinonym in Beijing, there is no question about it: the choice of a brand name in appropriate Chinese, usually called naming in China, has a critical role to play in the branding strategy in the middle Kingdom.
You will so can in the reading of both developed examples, to understand the traps and the obstacles which are on the path of the brands in China and all the flexibility of necessary jump to stay on its legs in the operation of sinisation of the brand name!
The meaning of the Chinese name: literally, this name indicates a strong or striped horse, in the Chinese traditional culture it represent the strength on a long lasting and the elegant success. It adds to the name a dynamic and athletic connotation.

Example of Puma in branding strategy in China

The puma became the horse. The Puma is also known in certain regions under the name of cougar, lion of mountains, which occupies the continent of America, its feline icon is especially strengthened by its image in jump. Nevertheless, the name of the brand in Chinese sends back to the horse, it can cause a grave confusion of image in mind of the consumers.
Furthermore, in the Chinese culture, the horse is a soft animal in the quiet temperament, incapable to manage a troop or to show its creativity or individuality. On the contrary, the puma, is a wild and wild animal which always shows us its power, its energy and its leadership.
All in all, the name of the brand in Latin character exceeds that in Chinese. But the first one is more represented on Google, whereas that in Chinese is more prominent on Baidu1. It demonstrates the influence of the Chinese name locally which in the battle of its translation in Chinese lost some claws and a little of its character.