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Market research : chocolate market in China

We consider that the arrival of the chocolate in China goes back to the XVIIIth century, when in 1705, the envoy of the Pope appeared in front of the Chinese emperor and made him enjoy this food, the taste of which particularly pleased the monarch. This event marks the first appearance of the "chocolate-brown" word in the Chinese historic documents.

Market of chocolate in China

The story of the industrialization of the chocolate in China counts, as for it, forty years hardly. Since the year 1990, the industry of the candy is rapidly growing, the Chinese market of the chocolate being also in phase of growth. The growth rate varies between 10 % and 15 % a year. If the volume of average consumption of the Chinese becomes established in a kilo a year, the Chinese market will be the most important chocolate market of the world.

A vast potential for this market in China

This market, endowed with a vast potential, is not exploited yet. We consider that it will be rapidly expanding in twenty years. In 2008, the Chinese candy produced 1.2 million tons of candies and chocolate. This volume is increasing by 15 % compared with 2007. Turnovers were 38.6 billion yuans (approximately 4 billion euros) and burned of 24 % compared with the previous year. The total profit was, as for him, 5.4 billion yuans (540 million euros), that is a 34 % increase compared with 2007.
Furthermore, the volume of chocolate consumed in China is at present only 40 in 70 grams. In comparative title, the Swiss consumes 11.6 kilos of chocolate a year and a person; the Spaniards, the Americans, the Germans consume at least 10 kilos of chocolate a year and a person; the Japanese and the Koreans, 2.8 kilos a year and a person. These indicators allow underlining the remarkable potential of the Chinese market of the chocolate.

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