jeudi 4 juillet 2013

Chinese auto market

China is since 2009 the first world market of the automobile. The low rate of equipment of the households lets hope in a strong growth for years to come. «The long-term trend remains unchanged: the Chinese automobile market is dynamic ". Meïssa Tall, analyst associated in charge of the automobile at Kurt Salmon. In the first quarter 2013, the sales of cars increased by 10 % in China and the tendency do not seem ready to stop.

Less than 5 vehicles for 100 

“The economic growth is supported, infrastructures develop almost everywhere in the country and the purchasing power increases” specify Meïssa Tall, who sees two other growth factors of the market. The desire of the Chinese for the luxury should strengthen first of all even the sales of the German manufacturers, who detain 24 % of the market today. Then, the first four Chinese builders (SAIC, FAW, DongFeng and Changan) continue too to gain ground. They represent 62 % of the market today and the increase of the domestic demand supports their expansion. On average, the equipment rate of the Chinese households is 50 for 1 000 against 800 for 1000 in the United States.

The observers remain however sceptical on the emergence of national champions, capable of exceeding the international Westerners. “To survive, the offer is going to have to strengthen. Of big four or five manufacturers, will be no more than three in the next ten years” said Meïssa Tall.

The Chinese manufacturers try at present to offer themselves credibility via the purchase of European brands in trouble, as
Geely with Volvo. At certain level of income, the consumers of the BRIC always prefer the western models, considered more qualitative, attached to a brand, an automobile story.

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